This mobile VR game developed targeting the Samsung Gear VR device.

Type: Professional work (Softcideit (Pvt) Ltd)

Device:  Gear VR

Platform:  Android

Project Timeline: May 2019- July 2019

Role: Lead Developer

Team Size: 1-4

Responsibilities: Gameplay Programming, Game Design, Level Design, Asset Creation & Integration, Project Management, System Architecture


Lone Ranger VR is a FPS action shooter type VR game which was developed using the unity 3d game engine. The player can shoot the zombie type enemies using the Gear VR touchpad. Battle it out in the old saloon and the middle of the town. Player has to defend the city from the enemies and the giant creatures.

Main Functions
Game UI Functions    
  •     Animated splash screen
  •     Splash screen with animated logo and particles        
  •    The tutorial scene for practice shooting 
  •    Linked with the main interface and reply tutorial
Main Interface
  •     Creating interface (3D)
  •     Creating a gaze-based input system 
  •     Creating VR menu system
  •     Play, Settings, other pop-ups 
  •     Lighting the environment 
  •     Level location interaction (restrictions)
  •     Display coin status
  •    Purchasing system for guns and other explosives 
  •   Time of the day controller
  •    Volume controller
  •    Repeat tutorial
Game Play
  •   Enemy spawn and wave system
  •   Enemy health manager according to relevant wave
  •   Player health/ damage system
  •    Coin count/ score
  •    Shooting/ Gun manager
  •    Wave calculator
  •    End menu system
  •    Lighting
Used Softwares 
  • Unity 3D
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Audition
  • Autodesk Maya

Main Scene

Saloon Scene

Resuls After Model Optimization

Model Inside the Maya