This is a Kinect V2 application, developed using unity 3D.

Main Functionalities

  • Main user interface with animations.
  • User detection function.
  • Hand gesture detection.
  • Item selection using radial (orange bar filling).
  • Gender selection user interfaces with animations.
  • Cloth selection for relevant category.
  • Attaching 3D model human figure, and tracking.
  • Mirror stage (After selecting an item it will come to place that user can see model attached to human figure).
  • Cloth change function.
  • Capture me function.
  • Captured image show.
  • Random QR code generation and show.
  • Retake function.
  • User lost function.
  • Back function with animation.
  • Category selection relevant to selected gender.
  • About us panel.
  • Background sound turns on/off function.

Type: Professional work (Osmium (pvt) ltd)