Bomber-man is an action game

in which players move through a two-dimensional grid environment and must trap and drop bombs to defeat their opponents.The game also features two competitive in multiplayer mode.player has to win matches to gather and earn points for advancement.

Main Functionalities

  • Interfaces
    • Main Interface
    •  Play
    • Settings
    • Quit game
  • Level selection
    • Two levels can be selected  at the movement
    • Back button
  • In game
    •  Player score ,health ,speed ,bomb range ,bomb amount
    • Timer
    • Score menu
      • Show player1 and player2’s scores
      • Main menu
      • Replay
    • Settings menu
      • Anti-aliasing
      • Post-processing
    • Pause menu
      • “F” button or “Esc” button to pause the game
      • Resume
      • Main menu
      • Quit game
  • Implementation of different pickups
    • Bomb blasts with changing material and partials (random)
    • More bombs(random)
    • Faster run speed(random)
    • Health pickups(random
    • Bomb range increment pickups(random)
    • Different timer in each level
  • Player
    • Two players play on one machine
    • Bomb placing by the player
      • Player is starting with only one bomb that can be active at a time
      • Placing a bomb subtracts one from the count, when the bomb explodes the count goes up again
      • mount is up gradable with pickups
    • Player death when standing in bomb blast
      • Score handling when killing each player
    • Blasting with FX and sounds
    • Destroy-able walls and non destroy able walls
    • Spawning points after death
  • Win conditions
    • Showing win screen when only players are alive even one player is alive
    • Showing a map timer, that counts down and ends the round
    • Showing time out animation
      • After round end, freeze game in its current state
  • Reset Option
    • Game ends replay or main menu selection
    • If (replay) save previous pickups

Targeted Deceives  –Windows Tablets,Desktop PC

Used Software’s – Unreal Engine 4,Adobe Photoshop

Type: Personal project